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Vision CCTV will design, install and commission your CCTV surveillance system to suit your individual commercial requirements:


Health & Safety

Management Supervision

Process Monitoring

Providing Effective Security

The system we design provides effective security of your premises 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at a cost effective price.

This will be achieved in the following ways:

By providing an effective deterrent to would-be intruders and thieves. The cameras, mounted in prominent positions and backed by signs and warning boards will help to prevent most intruders before they start.
Your on-site digital recorder, for subsequent evaluation by you and the police, will provide a digital recording of all activity as seen by the cameras if and when necessary.
Even during normal working hours the System will provide you with comprehensive Security of your premises, maintaining a constant deterrent and recording all activity as seen by the cameras.
Apart from Security, the System will prove to be a useful management tool at your premises, encouraging staff to adhere to health and safety and environmental best practice, reducing horseplay etc.

All of our Systems are fully networkable and password protected, allowing authorized
management to view the live pictures, to record the live pictures
and to even control the cameras over a network.​

ANPR System Overview

The System is designed to read the number plates from the ANPR camera and store the details of this event to the hard drive of the server, with associated images.

The System will allow easy searching of all the recorded information, providing an easy thumbnail search presentation snapshot and event footage of the vehicle.

The Purpose of the System:-

  1. To provide a new license plate recognition camera with a full record of all vehicular entering/exiting the site by vehicle plate recognition.
  2. To ensure that a reporting structure is in place to produce information such as, search by a single vehicle registration number, and LPR (license plate recognition) search for specific time periods.

CCTV Intruder Detection

VISION CCTV design, supply, install, commission & maintain remotely monitored BS8418 CCTV systems.

The BS8418 Remotely Monitored CCTV systems provide a means of detecting potential intruders by utilising CCTV with conventional PIR detectors and/or video analytics outside of working hours which transmits the video alarm signal to a remote monitoring station to react upon accordingly dependant on the situation.

The site will have a URN (Unique reference number) issued by the local constabulary to ensure & enable police level-one-response to site.

If a bonafide intrusion is taking place and intruders are spotted on site, the monitoring station would firstly issue a verbal warning over a tannoy to ward off the intruders. If the intruders don’t leave site after a verbal warning, site key holders are notified & the local constabulary are contacted to attend site as required. The RVRC (Monitoring station) would monitor the situation at site remotely until Key holders/Police have arrived. The event footage is also recorded at the RVRC.

Thermal Imaging

Thermometry is the science and practice of temperature measurement.

Thermal cameras can be utilised for:

  • Fire detection & temperature exception
  • Intrusion detection

Fire-prevention purposes in critical infrastructures such as: waste sites, card factories, pallet factories, petrochemical plant & paint manufacturers etc – using an advanced fire detection algorithm and reliable temperature exception alarm function system helps you discover unexpected events immediately and protects you from property loss.

Intrusion detection using thermal imaging is a reliable medium for detecting potential unwanted intruders for sites with high security needs such as military bases.

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Video Analytics

Video analytics is a smart feature using algorithms to detect the following patterns:

  • Behaviour Analysis – loitering, unattended baggage detection, object removal detection, line crossing etc.
  • Intrusion detection
  • People counting
  • Facial recognition & detection
  • ANPR

All of which can be used for a wide range of applications & environments.

Temperature Screening Cameras

Temperature Screening Cameras are a new technology which can detect body temperature with accuracy ±0.5°C, it only takes one second for a thermal camera to detect temperature from a person, and allows screening of large numbers of people at any one time. The cameras allow for the rapid and safe preliminary screening in public areas such as entrances to help reduce the spread of illness.

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People Counting Cameras

People Counting Cameras have the capability to keep a log of people in and out of your premise even if there are multiple entrances/exists ensuring that you always know exactly how many people are on site at any given time. These cameras can be installed as Stand Alone Systems or as additions to current systems.

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