CCTV Intruder Detection

VISION CCTV design, supply, install, commission & maintain remotely monitored BS8418 CCTV systems.

The BS8418 Remotely Monitored CCTV systems provide a means of detecting potential intruders by utilising CCTV with conventional PIR detectors and/or video analytics outside of working hours which transmits the video alarm signal to a remote monitoring station to react upon accordingly dependant on the situation.

The site will have a URN (Unique reference number) issued by the local constabulary to ensure & enable police level-one-response to site.

If a bonafide intrusion is taking place and intruders are spotted on site, the monitoring station would firstly issue a verbal warning over a tannoy to ward off the intruders. If the intruders don’t leave site after a verbal warning, site key holders are notified & the local constabulary are contacted to attend site as required. The RVRC (Monitoring station) would monitor the situation at site remotely until Key holders/Police have arrived. The event footage is also recorded at the RVRC.